about cet-vet

Serve our Veterans

The veterans we help have a name and a face. They are not statistics or problems to solve. They are individuals that served us and we now serve them. We get to know the veterans we serve and their needs. Often it is simple things they need. Perhaps they are immobile and facing fines from the city, because they cannot do simple yard work. Perhaps they need help paying for their utility bills, rent, food etc.

Some veterans need more complex support. Sometimes veterans need the support and understanding that only other veterans can provide. Therefore, CET-Vet has embarked on the Veterans Helping Veterans Campaign, so that service members can continue their sense of duty to each other; so that veterans need not feel so isolated and misunderstood in a strange and newly foreign civilian world; so that veterans find ways to deal with the simultaneous yet contradictory needs to forget and remember their experiences. Just a few of our initiatives:

  • CET-Vet Hump Grant
  • CET-Vet One On One Counseling
  • Veterans Healing Veterans


There is strength in numbers, and at Cet-Vet, we appreciate the volunteers that help us serve veterans in need. From cleaning up yards, providing support, helping set-up and run events to raise funds, and all-in-all providing a better sense of community to veterans who served for us; our volunteers aren’t just there to lend a hand, they are there to give back to those who gave to them. We couldn’t be more proud of our volunteers for the work that they do.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist your local veterans in need, please fill out our volunteer application HERE

Become an Advocate

CET-Vet doesn’t just promise to support veterans in our local community, we see the great need for veterans to receive support all across the country. Many are slipping through the cracks because there aren’t any local resources available for them reach out to. That’s where CET-Vet’s advocates come in!

Anyone can become an advocate, all you need is the drive to help veterans.

By becoming an advocate, you make a promise to reach out to veterans who need help in your community– whether it’s in a big city, or a small town– you become the local hub for people to reach out to when they know a veteran needs support. Basically, you are the go-to-person to let veterans and their families know there is hope, there is help, and there is community support that has their backs.

To become an advocate and begin making a big difference, fill out this form below and a CET-Vet representative will get back to you.

Disclaimer: Advocates are representing CET-Vet in your area, so any media, hosts, and/or clients must be approved by the head office before usage in marketing materials.