about cet-vet

CET-Vet is a Nonprofit Organization that provides assistance to Veterans of all eras and their families. Additionally, CET-Vet also acts as advocate for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) to both Active/Reserve duty service members and Veterans.

our main objectives:

  • Changing the status-quo regarding Veterans care and what it means to be a Veteran
  • Becoming proactive, rather than reactive in the Veterans community
  • Educating Veterans and our community about PTSD & TBI
  • Never say “No” to a Veteran in need

About the Founder

Like many vets my service is not unique. I am proud of my service and grateful of the opportunities the U.S. Army has given me, I wanted to pay my debt to those who’ve served before me and serve the country I love most. However, after my service was over It left me with facet emotions and a complex moral framework, so I simplify things: Pursue the good and flee the bad.. find anything pure and latch on to it. With only a few days left of my deployment in 2006, my unit was ambushed which resulted in me losing my leg also took the life of Maj. David Taylor, yet I still have the eagerness of serving and repaying the debt to those who’ve served before me, alongside me and to Maj. David Taylor, whom without his sacrifice, I wouldn’t be here today.

My life is not my own, it belongs to those who’ve died in my place. It belongs to the man whose body absorbed the explosion that would have taken my life. Repaying that debt is simply good and its motives pure. Carrying their banner is the only thing that makes sense, it is the last mission of the duty-bound souls I – we carry with us and we carry on.

Thanks to these organizations for their support:

the UPS store 5155 2501 west 12th street erie pennsylvania 16505
joe and rachel of the yorktown center ups store
CET-Vet is honored to have the support of Joe & Rachel, owners of the UPS store #5155 located at the Yorktown Center in Erie, PA. Joe is a United States Army (Ret.) combat veteran. Thank you guys for your support!

angelos salon development group

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