Why I Skydive

jump no. 9


Since leaving the service I found myself lost, alone with nothing to do. Trying to calm my mind was next to impossible. For me, I wanted a ‘physical-action’ that would allow me to let go of some things that have been rambling around in my mind for years, I thought: what better way then to jump out of an airplane? And it has been the best decision I had made.

Honestly (personal opinion), loosing my leg in combat and subsequently learning how to walk all over again, was about as challenging as learning to skydive with a prosthesis. Though, I am thankful of finding such an awesome place that would allow me to do just that, the expertise and knowable staff at SkyDive LoneStar in Lulling Texas, is second to none. From the moment I walked in they welcomed me with open arms, I later found out the majority of people who skydive are veterans, so it was only natural for me to gravitate towards the sport.

My personal mission through this journey is to give back to the veteran community, I believe every veteran should skydive at least once. With that said I’d like to announce that CET-Vet, with the help of SkyDive LoneStar in Lulling, Texas, will now be paying for veterans skydive experience. If you are a veteran interested in skydiving or learning more about CET-Vet, please feel-free to reach out to us. And if you are a person interested in learning more about what we do in the veteran community, please visit us at our website, or follow us on social media.