With only a few days left of my deployment on October 22nd, 2006, my patrol was ambushed, killing Maj. David Taylor and caused me to loose my left-leg above the knee. I should not be alive today writing this had it not been for the sacrifice that was made by Maj. Taylor.

The photo is of Maj. Taylor, his wife and their newborn son…it was the last photo taken of him before having to go back to Baghdad, Iraq. I’d made it my personal mission in making sure his memory lives on.

Maj. Taylor sacrificed his life to insure that myself & the other could live on. One of my main motives for creating CET-Vet is to take care of each Veteran who might be experiencing hardship and to make sure no Veteran ever feels like they’re alone or have been forgotten. Each day I wake up is a gift and each day I work hard to improve the way of life for Veterans and their families.

Thank you Maj. Taylor for your service and your sacrifice.